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How can I spend 9 hours at the LA airport

How can I spend 9 hours at the LA airport?
I am going to fly to LAX and then change my flight there to Toledo. However the soonest flight is in 9 hours. It means I have to spend 9 hours at the LA airport. Do you think it is worth the waiting and what can I do for the 9 hours? Moreover, is there any service at the airport that can take care of my luggage? I will be taking a lot of luggage with me. If there is no service like that, I won't be able to walk around easily.
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oh that stinks. i had to spend 7 hours at the philly airport. basically we [me and my family] walked around and ate some lunch. if u have a dvd player, then u can watch some movies. u can also read a book, listen to music, etc. i think the airport will take care of ur luggage, so just ask at one of the desks where u got ur tickets for ur new flight. have fun and good luck =]
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If your luggage is checked in and will be transfered to the next plane for you, you can always go into L.A. and visit for a few hours.
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theres a stip club down the the street on washington near sepulveda. just go there.
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First off, there are no self lock baggage lockers in LAX anymore. They removed them all after 9/11. However there are luggage storage companies in every terminal that will keep your luggage for a fee. Now, this is how you can spend your 9 hours. From the lower level arrivals, get on the free shuttle bus to Aviation Metro Station. Get a Metro day pass for $5. Take the Green Line to Imperial/Wilmington Station and change to the Blue line to 7th St / Metro Center. That's downtown. After sightseeing in downtown, get back to 7th st / Metro Station. Get on the Red Line to Hollywood / Vine. There you will find the Hollywood walk of fame. Walk from that station to the Mann Chinese and Kodak theater. Then walk back to Hollywood / Highland Station, get back on the Red line and get off at the Universal City Station. Walk up the hill to the Universal City Walk. There are lots to see there, restaurants, shops, activities, the Universal Studios, etc. Click on each Metro line to see the map: Remember to give yourself 1 hour to get back to the airport. Do not get out of the Imperial/Wilmington Station, this is the ghetto. Have fun
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take a cab to venice beach and work on your tan lines.
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Check out They even have layover tours. You can just check your baggage with your airline when you arrive.

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