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Where can I find very cheap flights below $100 from Fll(Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) to TOl(Toledo, Ohio)

Where can I find very cheap flights below $100 from Fll(Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) to TOl(Toledo, Ohio)?
I am trying to find cheap flights from Fort Lauderdale to Toledo, I am wondering would a train cost less or would a bus. Thanks in advance.
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visit in person ask for stand by ticket, many different company will list different price
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The first answer gives poor advice -- there are no airlines operating between FLL and TOL that offer standby tickets at all, so showing up and asking for one will do absolutely no good. (In fact, showing up at the last minute to purchase a ticket will have the exact opposite result as what is desired here -- the ticket will be considerably more expensive than the same ticket purchased two or three weeks in advance.) That having been said, the cheapest round-trip fare between these airports right now is $214 so plus tax, on Delta. The only way you're going to pay less than that, barring a fare sale, is to try placing bids through Priceline or Hotwire. (I don't know, however, whether they would accept bids as low as the prices you're willing to pay.) If you're looking only for a one-way ticket, then getting one for less than $100 probably won't happen. The lowest one-way fare on that route is $127 plus tax, also on Delta, but since Priceline and Hotwire won't sell one-way tickets using their bidding options, neither of those websites will help. With respect to your other options (the train or bus), a quick search of the Greyhound and Amtrak websites both note that, in addition to the considerable amount of extra time that must be taken to make the trips (both options will take more than a day each way), there are no cost savings -- both the train and bus are in the neighborhood of $140-$150 each way. Depending on actual demand on a given day, though, they may end up being cheaper than flying if fares are high on your specific travel dates.
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One site may be slightly lower than another but the supply and demand economic rule applies to all financial transactions…..make your purchase on reliability and common sense……what will work for you…….and……..your travel requirements…..always use trusted and ethical travel sites…….yahoo travel…….orbitz……travelocity……expidea or club type membership….AAA or AARP. Take a moment to make sure a cheap ticket is worthwhile and reliable……..I can’t recommend any one site…….its up to you to search and decide what is right for you. If you see what appears to be a good deal … grab it…don’t worry if the price goes up our down a little bit next week……
4 :… Please check: Tips: a- use flexible dates b- use alternative airports

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