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How long would it take to tour all of Spain

How long would it take to tour all of Spain?
And maybe zip in and out of Portugual and France, perhpas staying a day in each country. This would be a road trip by car. So here are the details; I would be travling with my wife and baby (this trip will take place in about 1 or 2 years, my wife is pregnant and due this january (YAY!). There is a possibility that my mom and dad will come. My dad is 92 and in good enough shape to take a road trip from New York to florida, my main concern is the baby and saftey. I would start by landing in Madrid and staying a day or two to get settled, rent a car, get a hard copy of a map, (in addition to GPS)rest, and see Madrid. I would then travel south to Toledo, then south to Cordoba south/west to Sevilla, south to Cadiz, and south to Tarifa (I'd like to spend extra time here to take a ferry to Morocco just for a day trip by myself (too shady for the family). then east to Malaga, up to Granada then zoom across to Valencia taking in the country on the way but trying not to stop. Then up to Barcelona, across to pamplona, cross to Asturias (perhaps extra time here, my great grandfather was born there) across to galicia and time permitting some time in portugual. The closest city to the border of galica would be fine. Then back to Madrid to fly home. I'd like to get an estimate as to how long this whole trip will take and how much it will cost, in tolls, gas, food etc. I know what it will cost for the flight and about what it will cost for the hotels. Keep in mind this will be a historical, gastronomic, and cultural trip as well as a rediscovery of my Spanish roots.
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go by yourself and walk the camino de santiago

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