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going to SPAIN next month!

going to SPAIN next month!?
I am 16 and going on an ACIS tour with my school in February. We will be going for 9 days and 8 nights and we are landing in Barcelona(3nights) and then taking a highspeed AVE train to Madrid and staying there for 4 nights. The price included dinners,breakfasts,hotels,flights and the bus costs and train costs. I have a few Questions: 1) How much spending money should I bring,for 8 days? 2) What is Madrid like? 3) What is Barcelona like? 4) What is Toledo and Segovia like? we are taking excursions there. 5) What should I pack? 6)What are hotels like in Spain? THANK YOUU! [=
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Segovia is fantastic, but if you are going in February, then take warm clothing. It can get pretty cold there. It can be very pleasant, but I was there at the end of March and it was nice during the day, but cold at night. Hotels in Spain are of a good quality, but it is rare to have tea & coffee making facilities in the room. Barcelona weather could be pleasant, but cold at night. February is difficult to forecast. Spain is a wondrous diverse country. I hope you all have a great trip. I live in Spain and I'm still envious of your school trip. Buen viaja
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Hi! 1) If you have already paid food and acommodation, I think you'll spend about 30-40€ per day. Count 15€ or so in tickets for Museums or so, 10€ for 10 rides on public transportation and 10 more for souvenirs or anything you buy bud had not planned. So. About 350€ 2) Madrid is cool. I have been just once but I liked it a lot. It has good museums and an amazing park named El Retiro. It has a lot of avenues and people is nice. 3) Barcelona is great. So artistic! Great architecture. Walking by Passeig de Gracia or going to Parc Güell, visiting Santa Maria del Mar (and even get lost in the Gothic Quarter) is something you can't miss! I think it has a similar vibe to Paris. 4) Never been there. 5) If you are going to walk ... good shoes for sure. Plus february is still cold so in Barcelona temperature is between 4 and 14 celsius and Madrid is colder between 0 and 10. So bring a coat and a scarf because Barcelona is quite windy. Some sweaters too, sometimes is cold, but the sun is rising so you can get off you coat and enjoy some warm weather just in a sweater. 6) I have an American friend who came to visit me to Barcelona. He stayed in a 4stars hotel and he said it was wonderful, much better than 4stars american hotels. Anyway, if you want to know about a specific hotel, I recommend you to go to
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Barcelona is very artsy and historic and totally different than the rest of Spain-even the language is different. It has been very influenced b/c of it's close proximity to France. I have found that Barcelona women are a little snooty to other women in general. There are a lot of artistic attractions to see by Gaudi, Miro and Picasso. Toledo is very old and quaint. It is a medieval walled city. Be sure to visit the El Greco musuem while there. There are many shops in Toledo and they are known for their damascene work on jewelry etc. make sure to bring some back as a souvenir. You can watch the skilled artists while they work inside and sometimes outside in front of the shops. Segovia has a beautiful Roman aqueduct that is still in use. Lots of shops closed off to traffic and pedestrian traffic only. No nightlife in Segovia. There is a beautiful castle "The Alcazar" that you must see while there. Hotels are usually nice and comfortable-even the lower priced ones. They give you toiletries sometimes even perfumed water. Souvenirs are very expensive and with the exchange rate even more so. Only purchase things that you can't get here. For example; I would get a Hard Rock Barcelona shirt and Damascene from Toledo and maybe a fan, mantilla or castanets in Madrid. I would take about $300. Have a great trip

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