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haha sorry, none of my other questions were asked and I had to get your attention somehow..lmao anywaysss..>> I am 16 and Im going on a school trip to Spain: 1.How has the weather been in Madrid and Barcelona for the past couple of weeks? 2.Im going in February- what type of clothing should I pack? 3.How much spending money should I bring for 8 days? (breakfasts,dinners,buses,trains,tips, hotels and flights are already covered). all I would have to pay for is souvenirs,clothing,lunches,non-alcoholic drinks...? 4.how are the hotels in barcelona and Madrid? 5.what are the guys like in spain (; lol 6.how is the food?! 7.what are toledo,segovia,barcelona and Madrid like? 8.are sweatpants acceptable to wear in Spain-i heard it is uncommon for people to wear them in Spain..? 9. Will people(-guys esp.) , stare at me because I have red hair, blue eyes and pale skin? anything else you can think of!? thankkksss so much (=
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Okay, I see you are having a bit of a crisis, here, so I'm only going to answer this, and then, if you have duplicated questions, I won't address them. Your teacher, the one who is guiding this trip, is probably the best resource for information. Madridman.com just renovated his site, and I got on for the first time since before he began, he says it's been spring-like, lately, but it gets cold in Madrid in February, and in Segovia, and Toledo as well. You should probably check his site...really good for some of your questions. Hotels, on those trips, they put you up in three star or better. They will be nice, but possibly smaller rooms than you are used to. Everything modern, probably have hair dryers in the rooms. Keep it down to one appliance if you can...keep your luggage light. YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A BLAST!!! The cities are all spectacular. Bring camera and TONS of film/media/whatever you want to call it...I still call it film. LEARN how to quickly and accurately change modes, too. I have a couple of shots that I blew, because I forgot to switch going out doors, etc. I think $50/day will well cover your extras. Again, the teacher can give you best information, AND it makes a difference if you are going to buy big or small souvenirs! Get something REAL Damasquinado in Toledo...make sure you aren't getting the junky stuff. ASK if it is hand made, and don't even waste your time if you can't see where the jeweler works. THE FOOD IS INCREDIBLY GOOD!!! you need to bring your adventurous tastebuds, though...some things may seem a bit unusual to you. Try them anyway. You won't regret it. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SOME OF THE CURED HAM!!! It looks a little like leather, but it tastes INCREÍBLE!! They won't stare at you. They are Europeans. They, too, have light skin, many have red or blonde hair (some is dyed, but they are used to seeing it). I have a friend from Madrid...Red head, freckles, okay, she has brown eyes, but still. Plus, they are used to foreigners. YOU WILL LOVE THE PEOPLE! As for the guys? Well, you're not going to Andalucía? Oh, well, they're okay. They're cutest in the South...think Antonio Banderas - okay, when he was younger. ¡UF! kay, find something he was in that is in Spanish, and you'll get what I mean! Yum! (cutest? I think? Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown...it's one of Almodóvar's earlier works...it's really fun...see if you can get ahold of it...you can download it as a torrent.) Sweatpants? No. Simply no. You can wear them in the hotel for lounging, but you won't see ANYTHING like that on the streets. They DRESS in most of Spain...I found Barça a bit less formal, but even there...no sweats on the streets. Take note of the shoes. Don't buy any, cause you'll never wear them, here, but notice them. They are EXTREMELY important to the women there.
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I think you have nothing to do against a long black curly hair spanish girl with black eyes. sorry
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Ill try to make it short: 1.Its going to be cold, these past weeks we had a snow storm all over the country. And rain is not unusual. 2.Pack winter clothes, flat shoes (youll need them). The basic stuff: jeans, nice shirts and sweaters, a scurf, and dont forget underwear... haha just kiddin 3.If everything else is included, i would say $500 should be enough, depends on what kind of stuff you want to buy... 4.The hotels are pretty decent, the great thing about spain is that a three stars hotel can be considered a four, and cheaper than in other countries. 5.DANGEROUS! hahaha... guys are guys and they only have a thing in mind. But dont worry, they talk more than they bite. 6.The food is excellent, you dont have to go to an expensive restaurant to have a great lunch or dinner, and remember the great spanish tradition of "Tapas" (going from one bar to another one having different drinks and appetizers). 7.Toledo is kind of a medieval city, beautiful and very different from anything youve ever seen. Its known for the amazing swords that they make (all the swords used in "The Lord Of the Rings" were made in Toledo). Segovia used to be a roman city two thousand years ago, so wear comfortable shoes cause you know how the roman roads used to be. Barcelona and Madrid are the biggest cities and very different from each other. Barcelona is younger and Madrid is older, theyre difficult to describe so ill let you judge by yourself. 8. You can wear whatever you want. Theres not a law against sweatpants. I preffer jeans, cuz you can wear them with flat shoes or high heals but thats up to you. I would only recommend that if youre going to a restaurant to have dinner try not to wear them. 9. I answered to this in your other question, so my answer is NO Have a lot of fun!
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