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How long would a complete roadtrip tour of Spain take

How long would a complete roadtrip tour of Spain take?
And maybe zip in and out of Portugual and France, perhpas staying a day in each country. This would be a road trip by car. So here are the details; I would be travling with my wife and baby (this trip will take place in about 1 or 2 years, my wife is pregnant and due this january (YAY!). There is a possibility that my mom and dad will come. My dad is 92 and in good shape but he is still an older ma. He is in good enough shape to take a road trip from New York to florida though, my main concern is the saftey of the baby I would start by landing in Madrid and staying a day or two to get settled, rent a car, get a hard copy of a map, (in addition to GPS)rest, and see Madrid. I would then travel south to Toledo, then south to Cordoba south/west to Sevilla, south to Cadiz, and south to Tarifa,I'd like to spend extra time here to take a ferry to Morocco just for a day trip by myself (too shady for the family). then east to Malaga, up to Granada then zoom across to Valencia taking in the country on the way but trying not to stop. Then up to Barcelona, across to pamplona, cross to Asturias (perhaps extra time here, my great grandfather was born there) across to galicia and time permitting some time in portugual. The closest city to the border of galica would be fine. Then back to Madrid to fly home. I'd like to get an estimate as to how long this whole trip will take and how much it will cost, in tolls, gas, food etc. I know what it will cost for the flight and about what it will cost for the hotels. Keep in mind this will be a historical, gastronomic, and cultural trip as well as a rediscovery of my Spanish roots. Any hotel and food recommendations are appreciated. And if anyone sees a hole in my tour, please let me know, any city that is worth seeing but I missed. My guesstimate would be 29 days spending 2-3 days in each listed city. But then there is driving time and stops.
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I do road trips in Spain. If you intend on seeing the real Spain and everything inbetween, then if it was me, I would need about 3 months. I couldn´t afford the accommodation on the way, but the biggest cost will be the car hire. In some areas this summer the price as gone up by 33%
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WHY do you want to put yourselves through such a grueling trip with a 94 year old man and a two year old baby!? You have no idea what is involved in traveling from the US to Europe, do you? Do you know what it is like to be cooped up on a jet for 7 hours with a screaming baby who doesn't understand what is going on? What about the other 300+ people? To say NOTHING of trying to put your child through car trips for all that time. You want to spend a day or so to rest and see Madrid? 2 - 3 days per city??? what about getting settled in each of these cities? finding your lodgings, etc.? you realize that the drive time from Valencia to Barcelona is about 8 - 10 hours, and then to Pamplona? Another almost 8 hours. From Pamplona to Asturias???? You really have no idea of the terrain, have you? The trip you describe should take about two months, for two healthy adults. WAY more with the baby! You REALLY need to spend some TIME in each place, for the sake of the baby. In fact, put it off for about six more years. What good does it do to take a toddler on a trip like that? You are going to put the poor kid through hell, and he/she won't even REMEMBER ANY OF IT!!! Wait until they are old enough to APPRECIATE it! At LEAST 8! I can give you a couple of hotel recommendations...try checking into apartments, they are a really good deal if you can stay in places for a week (they discount, cause they don't have to send out the maids every day). But use your brain! Have a bit of common sense! Wait a while! Spain isn't going anywhere. And, your father isn't going to really be able to handle this trip. At 92, you try this, you are bound to be taking him home in a casket. I don't think you really want that, now, do you?
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Iam so jealous of you. I've done two road trips around Spain and both of them took me 3 months and I wouldn't have wanted to have taken any less time. Spain is just a breath taking country and you are visiting some of its most amazing cities. I included a great link for general travel advice but there's also some information on Costa Verde which is in the north. My favourite area was Asturias, make sure you go to the Llanes market day, drink cider mid day and have a massive lunch with red wine. But don’t miss the cathedral in Leon or Burgos. The most beautiful city I have ever been to is in Galicia Santiago de Compostella, if you can go in September when the students have returned and the autumn leaves are falling its just amazing. Find the famous chocolate shop in the old city and have their brownies. Salamanca is also just brilliant, solemn and sandstone beautiful. It has a really friendly student nightlife and a stunning piazza, better than anything in Italy. Also, don’t miss San Sebastian, again September is better, when the crowds have died down. The tapas are amazing and the beaches are picturesque, like something out of Brazil. The best part about Spain is getting lost, finding some track road that has a hidden restaurant away from the tourist trap that sells cheap red wine and unbelievable sea food, so don’t rush it. There is an amazing road that follows the coast outside Bilbao that nobody bothers with called B1 3152. Follow it to Bakio and on to Mundaka through huge mountain and winding tiny road hugging the cliffs, stunning. Also the AC 552 and 550 outside Pontevedra, passes through some of the most amazing little villages and sandy beaches. Follow it from Muxia to Nemina, Porto do Son and Riberia. I like Portugal as well but its not as friendly as Spain, it's like Spain on antidepressants. But it does have some unforgettable places. Everyone goes to Sintra for good reason, visit the little wine shop in the main square and order some cheese and ask for a wine recommendation, they have a massive selection. Visit Lisbon for sure, it's cheap, dusty, hard to get around but has an air of old Europe that it just cant shake. Porto is great, very friendly, in fact the country gets more friendly as you travel north. Mafra is worth a visit if only to wonder how such a marble monstrosity could bankrupt a whole country, Oviedo is old Portugal and very nice, but best of all go to Fatima. This place is truly crazy. I hope you enjoy. I really hope you do. ps. If you are also thinking of travelling around France then I'd be tempted to give this a miss. You haven't got time and france is great but a bit stiff and boring. Dont get me wrong, I love france, I've even lived in Paris but it doesn't have the same feel as spain.

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