Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is 30 minutes between connecting flights at DTW enough time

Is 30 minutes between connecting flights at DTW enough time?
I am thinking of flying from Los Angeles (LAX) to Detroit-Wayne County (DTW) to Toledo (TOL). The time between connections at DTW is 30 minutes. Flying out of LAX can be tricky because it is prone to delays, and I know that DTW can be very busy. The airline is Northwest Airlines. Do you think that this is enough time?
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If you're not taking any bags, and it's all on one booking, you might be fine. I flew recently and was supposed to have 1 1/2 hours, but since the flight was late, I only had 30 mins. I had to run from my gate to the next gate and nearly missed my connection. My bags didn't find me until the next day too. Your best bet is to allow 2 hours for the connection and bring a book or two!
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I do not recommend to leave only 30 minutes between 2 flights. If your plane is late, you are screwed.
3 :
Yes. Detroit is an easy airport to get around. And it doesn't look as busy as it really is. All the gates are lined up in order (odd on one side, even on the other). 30 minutes at Detroit should be enough. If you're not confident, then try to get a different flight with a longer connection.
4 :
30 minutes is cutting it close, wether its an easy airport to get around or not. if your plane is delayed then your screwed. if i have to trasnfer i usually try to have atleast 45 min to an hour between flights just to be safe.
5 :
Yes, but Dtw IS LARGE, B carfule

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