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Do you know of any Youth Flight Schools in Toledo, Oh area

Do you know of any Youth Flight Schools in Toledo, Oh area?
Im 13 and my mom suggested that I should get private flying lessons at a flight school or something. I love flying and I want to be a pilot when im older so if i got flight lessons now it would probably be better in the long run. But my problem is I don't know of any places that have lessons for anyone my age in Toledo, Oh so I have come to the only place I know to ask questions and hopefully get good answers. So if anyone knows any schools could you give me a website or something to go to?
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Well first of Let me let you know that You won't be able to take your first solo untill you 15 and you won't get your PPL till your 17. I think it would be a better idea if you started your PPL at 15, Buy a Ground school lesson package and study that till then. Also you should buy a nice flight sim for the computer and a nice yoke and rudder set and practice good basics there and online. It helps with communication skill. Here is where you can find a list of flight schools
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The above is wrong, you wont get your solo at order to get your solo you must be 17 yrs old and above but you cant start your ground training at 15 or 16 so that is you wish to get your PPL the day your 17 then that will be better.

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