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I am trying to find a flight from Phoenix Az to Toledo OH around march. What will make thsi cheaper

I am trying to find a flight from Phoenix Az to Toledo OH around march. What will make thsi cheaper?
I have the ability to take off a full seven days ((if this factors in to it)) have no restrictions when/where i leave from, but are there any other factor that can make me getting a flight cheaper? EG: weekends, weekdays, 5 days instead of 7, sunday to sundays......anything?? or any sites you guys know of??
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Be flexible with your dates and try Tuesday to Tuesday and see what price comes up. Tuesday and Wednesday are lighter traffic days and sometimes tickets are cheaper. Also keep looking. Sometimes prices drop a little later on if the tickets don't sell very well or the airline may run a promotion.
2 : expand search options and click on search one day before and after. and
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Really very good to know that you are searching the flights in cheaper rate. I suggest you a site that gives the most cheap airline tickets to worldwide and it will suit your budget. Check this site and find your destination flights in cheaper price.
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Prices of a return ticket Phoenix-Toledo in March 2010 is about $430, incl. charges & taxes Return ticket to Detroit, which is located 43 mi (about 50 minutes by car) from Toledo, is cheaper : $307. Try Travelocity and get the cheapest air tickets in just one minute. Finding online the cheapest flight for you is the job of Travelocity and other flights brokers/ booking sites that compare instantly air tickets from different airlines. The best ones are listed here: No hidden fees Use flexible dates .
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Plan ahead. Be flexible on travel dates, times, airlines and airports. Try or, and you can get price alerts.

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