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Why do so many leftists discount the threat posed by terrorism

Why do so many leftists discount the threat posed by terrorism?;_ylt=ArQMtZCG_Bfc4_CUqzLhGfTY7BR.;_ylv=3?qid=20080627194749AA1ORT0 I guess this guy forgot about the first attack on the WTC, TWA Flight 847, the USS Cole, the Khobar Towers, our embassies in Africa, the Achille Lauro, 9/11, M11, the London Subway attack, countless suicide bombers, the attempted attack on JFK Airport, the Lackawanna cell, the terrorism convictions in Toledo, Columbus, Miami, LA, and Orlando, and the promise of more terrorism to come...all brought to you by the "religion of peace". Why do leftists insist on thrusting their heads in the sand? leo: Don't be obtuse. For every Timopthy McVeigh you can name, I can name thousands of Muslims who have committed acts of terrorism in the name of their faith. longhaired: This should be interesting. How, pray tell, was the attack on USS Cole anything BUT terrorism? It was perpetrated and claimed by al Qaeda.
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1 :
They don't know much. One the easiest ways to convert a Democrat into a Republican is to give them an real education. Not a dumbed down education taught by socialists. I think it is bizarre how they feel muskrats are a threat to 300 million Americans and world peace.
2 :
On the contrary, We take Dick Cheney's threat to America most seriously.
3 :
Stop! You're scaring me!!!! Oh wait, no you're not - I no longer listen to cons.
4 :
The left doesn̢۪t even recognize the true enemies of America. They are all looking at Bush while Mohammad Attah is sneaking up behind them to cut their throats.
5 :
Hey, we have people in our own country today that actually believe that we were unjustified to go to war against the nazis. They think we were just being mean to Hitler. In South Korea, there are many there, all under 30, who think the war against the North was unjustified. That's the problem with Political Correctness, it's seldom correct. I hate to put it this way, but until the right people are threaten for their lives, the liberals will always play deaf, dumb, blind and stupid to the issue.
6 :
Have you ever heard of cause & effect? Or action.. reaction? Please, many of us here are a bit more intelligent than you would like to believe we are.
7 :
Public school system
8 :
Uhh, what threat? How many people died in the US because of terrorism in the US this year, Last year, 4 years ago, 6 years? Prescription drugs are more dangerous, mothers with children are more dangerous, school shootings are more possible, auto accidents are more possible, Hell, more people slip and die in the US than there are terrorism related deaths.
9 :
Subconsciously they hate America so much that in some way they secretly sympathize with the terrorists. If any foreigner has an issue with America they sign on.
10 :
no one discount the threat but we are fighting them in the wrong country . and beside we have more serious domestic problems than to be just thinking about or wishing another terrorist attack on this country like the republicans and McCain would love to see happen so that he can win the presidency .
11 :
They seem to go out of their way to find excuses for these tactics - but the real truth is that they will never accept the premise that there are people who hate us and want us dead. I say this because if the events of 9/11 didn't enlighten them, nothing we can write will wake them up from their idealistic coma.
12 :
I don't have my head in the sand. Having know many Muslims in my life, I know that the terrorists don't represent the majority of Muslims. Any more than Timothy McVeigh represented White Men.
13 :
Because peanuts, swimming pools, deer, and lightning strikes all kill more Americans than terrorists.
14 :
the vast majority of all of the major threats over the past 20 years... were from one group... al-queda... I think they are a grave threat and should be focused on and eliminated... I can't figure out why Republicans refuse to focus on them and want to instead spread their efforts equally over every mom and pop terrorist group and the entire religion of Islam... it's like some weird political correctness...
15 :
The USS Cole was hardly terrorism.
16 :
Liberals and moderates do not discount the threat posed by terrorism. However, they recognize that a bigger threat to our way of life is to let some cowboy start preemptive wars based on fabricated evidence. And then be foolish enough to vote for his clone.
17 :
If you were an innocent Iraq civilian, who's family was murdered when an American bomb hit them...would you call that a terrorist attack? The Americans were only trying to destroy their Muslim brothers...just as the Terrorist were trying to destroy the Christians. It's obvious that America cannot, any superpower, cannot assert diplomacy through bloodshed. If you are so patriotic, and you fear so much, go join up and kill some people. It's what you Cons are, killers.
18 :
So who is this leftist President you speak of? Bush is the one who diverted the troops out of Afghanistan and attacked a country that had nothing to do with it. Sure Saddam was a bad dude, but Osama is the one who did the attacks, and Bush lets him off scot-free. In the mean-time we killed one Saddam and a few hundred thousand of his victims. (good planning). Before you start accusing "leftists" of discounting the threat of terrorists...perhaps you should tell us what good it does to freak out. If the terrorists strike again, Bush will just attack someone else he doesn't like. I sure hope him and Putin are as friendly as he says they are.
19 :
They live happily in their own little pre-9/11 world!!
20 :
"leo: Don't be obtuse. For every Timopthy McVeigh you can name, I can name thousands of Muslims who have committed acts of terrorism in the name of their faith." please do so. don't forget all the McVeigh's in the crusades

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