Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cheap flights (Ohio to Florida)

Cheap flights (Ohio to Florida)?
I've heard on TV and such about $49 and $99 flights. . .what airline(s) and where do I find these flights online? Looking for a flight from Ohio (Toledo, Cincinnati, or Dayton) to Ft. Myers, FL.
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1 : thats where i usually buy my tickets.
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Cincinnati has USA 3000 that flies into Florida, Dayton has Air Tran and Columbus, Indianapolis, and Louisville have Southwest.
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Those prices are probably from Allegiant Air, they run ads on TV all the time and have GREAT prices because they are a no-frills airline. Which part of Florida are you going to? They have direct (non-stop) flights to both Orlando/Sanford and Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg, both departing from Toledo. They also have a direct flight to Orlando/Sanford from Youngstown. I have flown with them before and they were great. :) Here is a link to their website:
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Simply visit this site to get all the details on getting Cheap Flights -
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Airtran is cheaper airline to Florida out of CoIumbus.. I went to Ft Myers two week ago almost a full fight. Not sure if Dayton have a non-stop flight down there.
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american airlines,us airways,florida air air america and air canada
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I know what you are talking about, and most of those sites are scams. I would recommend checking out the website BookMe dot com. You can compare ALL the reputable travel sites from one location, and save tons of money. Good luck and check out the link below for the site.

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