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Travel Help For France And Spain

Travel Help For France And Spain?
Hi. In the summer of 2011 im going to be travleing. Im going to Paris, Monaco and Nice France, as well as Madrid, Barcelona and Toledo Spain. I have never been out of the country before and im not sure what to bring or how to act. I have done a small amount a reaserch, but more help would be greatly appreciated. I need to know what to bring on the plane (8 hour flight), What sort of clothes to pack so i can fit in and not look like a tourist, Customs and how to act, and any other useful information that you can give. (note: i will be travleing with friends)
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When you travel, you will almost always look like a tourist, when you travel with friends you will look like a tourist, nothing can be done about that. Part of that is that you will have a different colour of hair from the locals, dress in a (slightly) different fashion, are free when the local people are working and the way you interact with people. The only thing you can change about that is your clothing, and the difference is mostly subtle, it will be hard to 'fit in'. But why would it be bad to be seen as a tourist when you are one? And if you managed to 'fit in' in Paris, you would still stand out as tourist in Toledo, as all parts of Europe have their own differences. Most people in Europe, specially the young ones, wear jeans. What style of jeans will be popular in 2011 is not known yet, and will likely differ from area to area. Shorts and/or skirts for warm weather, but Europeans change into shorts at much higher temperatures than Americans. T-shirts or nice tops, again, the actual style depends on the fashion of the season. Bring at least one long sleeved shirt and a sweater for the chilly evenings. And for Paris you may need an umbrella or raincoat. Shoes you can walk on all day, every day. Many people think that Americans wear white trainers while Europeans never do, but this changes with fashion as well. If you plan on going out, clubbing or fancy restaurants, bring some nice shoes, as those are appreciated. As is a dress or nice top on your jeans or skirt. And of course, underwear, swim wear, socks and practical things like that. For guys, it can not hurt to bring one good shirt and if you have one, a tie. Bring as little luggage as you can get away with, you will be carrying it more than you think possible and most people bring way more than they need. There are a lot of answers on this site about this, so just read in the older questions to find what other people advice.

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