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What is it like flying in an airplane? I am flying from Ohio 2 Minnesota, how long will it take

What is it like flying in an airplane? I am flying from Ohio 2 Minnesota, how long will it take?
Thanks for looking at this question!! (: I am 12, and I will be taking my first flight in October, and I wanted to know, what is flying like? Do you get sick? Is a window or isle seat better? How long will it take from Toledo Ohio to Minnesota, by the mall of america. Also answer my other question about MALL OF AMERICA (: THANKSSS A BUNCHH!
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First flight was very enjoying to me when I was 18. I enjoyed the taking off and landing the best because of the excitement. Once above the clouds it is somewhat boring if you can't see the ground. Sit back and enjoy the flight. Air turbulance on occasion feels like driving in a car on a bumpy road that can come out of nowhere. The pilot will put the seat belt signs back on if it continues. You shouldn't get sick unless you have a real weak system. Flying is a lot better than most carnival rides. Enjoy. No info on other questions.
2 :
You can not sit on an isle, as you are only allowed to bring a small amount of liquids onto the plane, You can choose between window or aisle though
3 :
If you don't do it very often, flying is pretty exciting. Takeoff is always my favorite, though, it might be a little scary for a first-time flier. Make sure you bring gum to pop your ears! When you increase altitude as fast as you do in a plane, it tends to block your ears. A lot of people don't realize that being on a plane can be pretty loud with the sound of the engines. Turbulence feels like you're on a bumpy road and isn't anything to worry about. You should try to sit in a window seat, because even if you're looking at the clouds it's pretty cool. Sit back and enjoy the ride. I can't imagine that your flight would be more than 2 hours. Probably more like an hour and 20 minutes.
4 :
The flight will take around 2.5 hours in a major airline on a jet. If it's smaller it could take longer. Expect another hour before departure and after arrival at the airport. Window seat is better for sleeping because you can lean against the bulkhead, aisle seat is more roomy. The seat of choice for most is called an exit row, because their is more room between seats. Above all else, air travel is generally boring. On newer planes their is often a seat back TV. Flying can have an adverse effect on your ears, chewing gum is advisable. It happens because of pressure changes, air pressure can build up inside your ear. Chewing gum will move the muscles in such a manner that the pressure will be released. It's kind of like being at the bottom of a pool, the pressure you can feel. This generally only affects take off and landing.

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