Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What do you think funny or not

What do you think funny or not?
Passengers on American Eagle flight 4891 from New York's La Guardia airport en route to Cleveland were already running 2 hours late when the pilot asked the flight attendant to advise the passengers that the aircraft would be diverted to Toledo. The reason given was "an emergency has shutdown Cleveland Hopkins Airport". Once the plane landed, passengers whipped out their mobile phones, expecting the need to make plans to get to their final destination, only to discover that the pilot had played a prank on them. There was no "emergency" and the plane has actually landed exactly where it was supposed to be.
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1 :
not in the least, he should be fired
2 :
Not funny at all, or very professional for that matter...
3 :
not funny
4 :
Definitely not funny. Flying alone can be a very crazy thing for some people, to then be running 2 hours late and then told they are stopping somewhere else, definitely not a good start to a trip.
5 :
Hell no, that is not funny. What an idiot.
6 :
Heck no. I would complain.
7 :
funny. annoying I would imagine, but funny. he could prob br reprimanded but nothin further. c'mon have a sense of humour. its over n u made it
8 :
When it comes to travel, particularly via airplane, people are already in bad moods, having to wait in endless lines, deal with the sometimes humiliation of going through airport security and finally ending up in cramped seats for a couple hours. It is completely inappropriate and unprofessional to joke about arriving at a different airport. It is possible that the pilot and airline could be sued for such a prank.
9 :
Im 50/50 on that one..
10 :
not funny with all of the delays and cost of flying now days .The people on the plane should complain .it was most definitely wrong.

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